HOPE Centers

HOPE Centers are not stand-alone Boys & Girls Clubs that sit empty during the day until youth get out of school, but promote multiple usages and enable other non-profit agencies and the entire community to use the buildings during school hours and on the weekends to eliminate the amount of time the buildings sit empty. The HOPE Centers are  30,000 to 45,000 sq. ft. and include conference rooms, gymnasiums, technology centers, kitchens, games rooms, teen centers, arts centers, library, eating commons, bathrooms, classrooms and offices for Boys & Girls Club employees, and dedicated space for other partnering agencies.

The HOPE Centers are effective and creative because they meet the diverse needs of youth and families at one central location within the community through the collaborative efforts of multiple nonprofit agencies. HOPE Center partners actively collaborate on similar projects to share resources and prevent duplication of services. HOPE Centers are a community in themselves where nonprofit agencies with similar missions and goals will demonstrate their commitment to sustaining their operations in order to better serve their constituencies.

HOPE Centers impact the entire community by assisting nonprofit organizations to sustain their operations so they will be able to provide quality services well into the future. HOPE Centers increase the efficiency and quality of the services the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound and all collaborating partners provide in the following ways: community partners have access to a wide range of benefits including modern facilities at a much lower capital cost than they would incur individually; shared operating costs, joint use of technology and equipment, and enhanced purchasing and financial arrangements; stronger negotiating position with suppliers; accessible location with higher visibility, broader geographic reach, and a stronger market position; and expanded access to volunteers, contributors, and clients. 

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Donald G. Topping Regional HOPE Center