Membership field requirements: 
You can edit membership fields by clicking Admin then under Configuration select Customize Membership Form.

Ledger code entry requirements: 
You can edit ledger codes by clicking Admin then under Configuration select Edit Drop-Downs.

The Ledger Codes shown above are the correct codes for Schatz Branch. Refer to info below for your branch.

All the Sports Fees will be coded to Branch “01” as Indicated for Schatz above.   All other fees should be coded to the appropriate club code which are listed below.  The base fee codes (4201, 4205, 4208 etc.)should remain the same for all the clubs.  Anything being coding to 0000 Misc. needs to have a reference so that we know what it is for.


20 – Davies          Boxing Fees 1-4205-20

30 – Eastside

38 – Cheney       Senior Fees  4235 and Meals 4158

40 – Gonyea

45 – Bremerton

50 – Lakewood

53 – South Pierce

70 - Schatz

76 – South Kitsap

80 – North Mason