BGCSPS staff, members, and families will create a safe environment, physically and emotionally, for everyone, free of bullying, discrimination, and bias.

BGCSPS Teen programs will hold our Teen members to a higher behavioral standard to create a safe and positive community, as defined by BOTH Teens and Staff.  Please refer to your Club Teen contracts for specifics.

We accomplish this by following the 4 Respect Expectations:

  • Respect yourself

  • Respect peers

  • Respect adults & staff

  • Respect the Club

Should these expectations not be followed, we move into the following categories of incidents and their resulting actions:

Minor incident: Interruptive choices that need re-direction: (including, but not limited to):

    • Wandering

    • Bathroom w/o pass

    • Running in halls

    • Teasing

    • Disrespectful/Disruptive behavior

    • Talking back/when staff are talking

    • Not following directions

    • Inappropriate language

    • Rough play

  • Resulting action: May lead to monitoring via internal log (behavior log) until moderate level is reached

Moderate incidents: Disruptive behaviors that need ample time from staff, taking attention away from other members: (including, but not limited to):

    • Physical altercation (Putting hands on another member)

    • Inappropriate bathroom use

    • Stealing

    • Running away from Club

    • Lack of self control

    • Discriminatory language or actions

    • Misuse of Club/Equipment including technology

    • Consistent disrespect i.e. uncontrollable outbursts, language

    • Repeated minor offenses

  • Resulting action: May lead to parent contact via notice and/or phone call; possible referral to FSW to create Success Plan *repeated incidents could lead up to a 3 day break from Club

Major incidents: Detrimental to success of the Club, dangerous and/or harmful to other staff or members and requires immediate attention: (including, but not limited to):

  • Weapons

  • Drugs

  • Violence w/ intent to harm (Fighting)

  • Sexual acts

  • High level threats

  • Repeated moderate incidents (per director decision)

Resulting actions: May lead to immediate extended break thru current quarter (see below); Immediate parent/guardian contact via call & Major Incident report; FSW/Director meeting to determine return date (typically occur at start of next quarter; (membership not guaranteed); Late policy applies if you cannot pick up immediately (refer to membership packet) OR if a member is sent to Club while on their documented break day

Q1: Jan -  Before Spring Break

Q2:  End of Spring Break - End of School Year

Q3: Summer program

Q4: Beginning of Fall program - Winter Break

  • ADD TO LATE POLICY DOC: Late policy also applies when parent/guardian is unable to pick up immediately after a major behavioral incident OR if a member is sent to Club while on their documented break day (refer to behavior policy)