In order to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all Club members, staff and volunteers, the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound administers the following disciplinary policies and procedures:

1.       The Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound enforce the following four (4) codes of conduct:
1.)       Respect yourself and other members.
2.)       Respect for all staff and volunteers as employees and program leaders.
3.)       Respect for Club facilities and equipment.
4.)       The following are strictly prohibited:
a)     Cursing, swearing, racial remarks, or any other form of verbal abuse.
b)     Fighting or any other form of physical abuse.
c)     Use, or possession of controlled substances, weapons, and intoxicants.  Smoking, chewing or any other use of tobacco
d)     Music containing inappropriate or suggestive language.

2.       Member behavioral infractions related to substance and alcohol use:
a)       Staff identification of situation or activity:
(1)     Staff or member may witness or observe activity and share with full-time staff.
(2)     Staff consultation with involved parties:  assess situation, review behavioral contract, expulsion from Club and
         contacting parent.  In accordance to guidelines for discipline; item #3.
(3)     Parent / Staff meeting:  discuss activity, review behavioral contract, referral to counselor.
(4)     Family / Counselor meeting:  staff may be present, review activities and make referral to community agencies and
(5)     Follow-up meeting:  staff and family establish behavioral contract and return date of member into the Club.

Note:  If the terms of the behavioral agreement are not met by the member and their family, membership rights at the Club may be revoked indefinitely.

3.       Infraction of any of the above, or any other action deemed inappropriate, may result in the following procedures:
(1)     Discussion:  warning and description of the inappropriate action and guidance to avoid reoccurrence.
(2)     Time out:  seating for specific period in a specific place.
(3)     Suspension:  One (1) to three (3) day suspension from the Clubs and return only after the parent/guardian confers with
(4)     Expulsion:  removal from the club for specific period, indefinitely, or permanently with reinstatement considered  
         following a parent/guardian conference with staff.

4.       Immediate suspension or expulsion may result in any situation where, in the judgement of staff, the safety of any individual
          is at-risk.
5.       Any time a child is removed from the Club, staff will make all efforts to notify a parent/guardian or other responsible family
          members, or emergency contact.
6.       Overtime:  Any child still at the Club upon or after closing may be dealt with in the following manner:
(1)     Contact parent/guardian or other responsible family members for pick-up.
(2)     Contact emergency contact for pick-up
(3)     Contact Child Protective Services (CPS) for pick-up
(4)     Contact Tacoma Police Department for pick-up
7.       Club staff are not responsible for, and will not, provide transportation to and from the Club or any other destination.
8.       Club staff should be appropriately notified in regards to medication a child is taking.  Upon receipt or written consent and
          instruction from the child’s parent/guardian, staff may dispense medication under the following conditions:
(1)     Given only with signed note from the child’s physician with specified instructions.
(2)     Each dosage is logged in a report.
(3)     A call to a parent/guardian or child’s physician may result if a child is observed taking medication without notification
         or supervision.
9.       It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to assure their child is physically and emotionally capable of properly
          functioning in the Clubs’ interactive atmosphere prior to enrolling in membership and daily visitation.
10.    The Club is not equipped to effectively deal with profound disciplinary problems.  The Club may act as a referral service to
         other more appropriate agencies and services.
a)       The Club has an Open Door Policy.  Members are free to come and go as they please.  Staff does not grant permission to
          leave nor do we insist that children stay.  Arrival and departure is a matter strictly between parent/guardian and child.
11.    The Clubs enforce the following dress policy:
(1)     Shirt and shoes must be worn except for appropriate activities in the gym, fitness area, pool, or outdoors.
(2)     Staff will use their professional judgement and discretion in dealing with other dress issues i.e., hats, bandanas, skirts,
shorts, tops, or other identification etc.
12.    Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound is a private membership organization and Clubs are NOT PUBLIC FACILITIES.  The
        Clubs reserve the right to refuse access to any person with or without cause.  I also fully understand failure to accept
        responsibility for inappropriate actions either by myself or my child, may result in corrective action.