Youth Sports

Youth Sports are available to boys and girls ages 5 (if in Kindergarten)/6-18. 
Our BGCSPS Youth Sports program provides a high quality youth sports experience that gives young people opportunities to have fun, build character, learn to practice sportsmanship, and develop skills and characteristics that will help them become responsible citizens who can have happy, healthy lives. Our program will be open to boys and girls of various ages, abilities
backgrounds, family circumstances, and economic status.

The priorities of our youth sports program are to ensure that the needs of children are our primary focus;
that youth sports provide safe and positive experiences for children; that our program is administered in a 
professional manner; that coaches, volunteers, parents and others associated with the program are held 
accountable for their actions and behavior; and that appropriate training, facilities, and
equipment are 

We offer a variety of youth sports throughout the year to meet the needs and interests of youth. Youth 
have the opportunity to participate in
flag football, soccer, basketball, and baseball
 leagues - as well as various athletic camps and clinics throughout the summer!
                                           ALL DATES FOR 2018/19 SPORTS YEAR
                            Registration Begins            Registration Ends      Leagues Practice Begin By           Games Begin

Spring Flag Football- January 28                February 16              Week of February 12     Week of February 19

4/5th Grade Volleyball- January 28             February 16              Week of February 12     Week of February 19

Baseball/Softball-      January 28               April 8                   Week of April 15                Week of April 22

For more information please contact Sarah Stochel Athletic Manager 253.502.4623