Who We Are

Our mission

To inspire all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible members of our community.


Board, staff, and community making a future where every kid has the tools and environment to laugh, learn, grow, and boldly reach for their dreams. 

Boys & Girls Clubs give kids a place to call their own, where they can have fun, get a hot meal, be creative, be part of a team, get help with homework, and hang out with friends. We offer safe, fun, inclusive, and inspiring places that kids and their families count on every day.  

We operate nine Club locations in Pierce, Kitsap, and Mason counties with open doors that offer spaces for children and teens to learn, create, and attain their best in academics, athletics, and more. We also operate a variety of licensed childcare and extended learning opportunities at local schools.



The Club is like our second home and we feel safe.


We build friendships and have each other's backs.


We do our best and we have fun!


We help each other grow and succeed.


We tell the truth and make good choices, even when nobody is watching.


We do what's right, we do what's fair, and we own what we do!


We set good examples.

Keeping Kids Safe

The safety and well-being of the children we serve is our highest priority.

All employees and volunteers undergo a thorough background check and training before they work at our Clubs. Our policies set boundaries for staff and volunteers to ensure the safety of our kids. These policies and procedures are reviewed regularly by an internal safety committee and evaluated using the national best practices of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, as well as Praesidium, a national leader in youth safety. 

Our staff and volunteers are trained to support any child or adult who comes forward with concerns about misconduct and to identify signs of abuse and to report it.

Read more about our safety policies here.