Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are a vital component to making a variety of programs available to our Club members. The time that our volunteers donate to our Clubs is precious; with every volunteer comes the chance for our kids to gain a different perspective.

Adult Volunteers

For those 19 years and older

If you are interested in volunteering follow the link below to complete the application.

1. Follow this link and apply online: Volunteer Application Form

2. Within two business days, the Volunteer Manager will call and ask a few questions about your interests, skills and availability. She will also conduct a one-time trial visit to the Club of your choice so you can see what volunteering looks like first hand.

3. Fill out the disclosure forms for us to run two background checks;

  • Washington State Patrol (WATCH)

  • Alliance2020 Sex-Offender Registry Check/National Criminal Check

4. Attend the next Volunteer Orientation / Information Session:

  • In person orientation and information sessions when applicable

  • Conference call orientations can also be conducted for maximum flexibility

  • Contact the Volunteer Manager

5. Watch an interactive video about keeping Club kids safe (Takes 30 minutes)

Following these steps, you will have a chance to tour the Club of your interest, turn in your signed forms, and set up a day to start having a BLAST as a Boys & Girls Club Volunteer!

Junior Staff Volunteer Opportunities

For those 18 years of age and younger

At the Boys & Girls Clubs we encourage community involvement at all ages and levels. Since our Clubs provide programming for youths ages 6-18 we have a minimum age requirement of all volunteers to be 19 and older. For those interested in volunteering who are younger than 19 and still in school please visit one of our local branch locations to discuss our Junior Staff volunteer opportunities. This program is designed to assist in developing leadership skills for Club members and the youth within the surrounding community.

Corporate or One-Time Volunteers

Are you and your co-workers looking to volunteer with an organization in your community? Does your organization do volunteer hour matching? Is your team in the spirit to give back at a fun holiday event or during summer camp festivities? We have many great events and activities to accommodate one-time and corporate opportunities! Just contact our Volunteer Manager!

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

Special Events & Fundraisers

  • February: Legacy of HOPE Celebrating our Youth of the Year

  • April: Treasure Hunters

  • August: Don and Helen Murphy Memorial Golf Tournament

  • And many, MANY more opportunities!!!

Coaching Opportunities

  • Fall: Soccer and Flag Football

  • Winter: Basketball and Volleyball

  • Spring and Summer: Baseball

Contact: Sarah Stochel (Athletics Manager) at 253-502-4623 or stochels@bgcsps.org.

Contact Us

For more information on volunteer opportunities or to get started, please contact:

Hayley Bruemmer, Volunteer Manager at

(253) 502-4612 or bruemmerh@bgcsps.org.

A Recent Volunteer Event!

On September 23, the gymnasium of the Henry T. Schatz Branch was a sight to behold: linen-covered tables overflowed with fresh, seasonal produce; five pairings of local farmers and restaurant chefs chatting animatedly as they prepared palate-pleasing appetizers; and perhaps the most enchanting sight of all -- 26 kids smiling gleefully as they participated in the first annual Kids in the Kitchen Cooking Competition.

A true illustration of partnership, Kids in the Kitchen was the culmination of months of planning and collaboration between Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound and Pacific Coast Fruit Company, a Portland-based produce company with a distribution plant in Kent, WA. When Marketing Specialist Emily Brugato reached out with an offer to team up for this special experience, no one could have predicted the tremendous partnership that would ensue. Bruagto, who is also the granddaughter of Pacific Coast Fruit Company original founder Emil Nemarnik, knew the cause to get kids in the kitchen was a worthy one.

“My grandfather -- the one who started Pacific Coast Fruit -- came here from Italy when he was 10. He left behind 12 brothers and sisters, and was the only one who came over. When he was 12, the uncle he had been living with passed away, leaving him completely alone. It was a local boy’s home that basically gave him a place to seek shelter and do homework,” she said.

“So when we were looking for ways to become involved in the Seattle/Tacoma market, I noticed we weren’t really getting involved in any other way beyond what the business entailed,” Brugato continued. “I thought that this event would help to accomplish two things: One was to receive exposure within the community, but also to be able to help the community at the same time. [Boys & Girls Clubs] seemed like the perfect place to honor and pay homage to where my grandfather started from.”

The epitome of a hands-on learning experience, Kids in the Kitchen provided the opportunity to gain insight on the farm-to-table process firsthand as the Club kids watched cooking demos spotlighting locally farmed produce, tried tasty and easy-to-prepare dishes, and finally, teamed up with local restaurant chefs to compete in a special Chopped-style cooking competition emceed by Pacific Coast Fruit Company Chef and Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games winner Lacy Larson.

“Seeing the kids faces when they showed up -- they were so genuinely interested in what [the chefs and growers] were saying and you could just see them soaking everything in. That was really, really cool,” enthused Brugato, a sentiment shared by other Pacific Coast Fruit employees in attendance as well.

“I really enjoyed watching the kids at each of the cooking stations, totally opening up and trying to take away wherever they could from each chef’s teachings,” said Joe Hanson, Washington Division President for Pacific Coast Fruit Company.

The rules of the competition: Each team must utilize at least one produce item from each cooking demo station (five pieces of featured produce total), as well as the mystery basket ingredients, to create a cohesive and scrumptious dessert.

The challenge: They only had 20 minutes to do it.

On “Go!” a sea of brightly colored shirts charged toward the cooking stations to snag the best from the bountiful selection of produce, excitement palpable as they prepared to race against the clock. Equipped with knowledge acquired during the cooking demos, and aided by their team chef’s culinary know-how and knife skills, the five teams worked away in a frenzy as the minutes ticked by.

When the 20 minutes were over, the teams gathered around their workstations as the judges -- comprised of the local produce growers and one BGCSPS staff member -- sampled each of the five inventive dessert offerings. After a few moments of deliberation, the six-membered Green Team was declared the competition winner with their rendition of a sweet pound cake with a savory vegetable compote.

Each Green Team member was awarded a $100 gift card and special winner’s medal, courtesy of Pacific Coast Fruit Company. Additionally, every child who competed in Kids in the Kitchen was given a participant's medal, swag gear, and reusable bag filled with produce to take home to their families.

The event was a success in a multitude of ways -- for instilling passion and confidence for youth in the kitchen, but also for fostering a sense of curiosity for where food comes from, how to utilize ingredients when cooking, and the reward of venturing out of their comfort zones to experience new flavors.

“Whatever we can do to expose kids to produce is a good thing. Teaching them about it, how to use it, is good for the industry,” Hanson said. “The more we can do, the better. I think it’s the right thing to do, and it’s where this industry should be in terms of teaching the next generation of consumers.”