Our volunteers are a vital component to making a variety of programs available to our Club members. The time that our volunteers donate to our Clubs is precious. With every volunteer comes the chance for our kids to gain a different perspective.  

volunteer opportunities

Follow this link and apply online:
Athletics Volunteer Application Form

volunteer opportunities

Follow this link and apply online:
Volunteer Application Form

Youth Sports Volunteers

Do you or someone you know have a passion for coaching kids?! We are in need of volunteer coaches for our sports. 

Contact: Benton Lefton, Volunteer and Recreation Manager at (253) 502-4609 or leftonb@bgcsps.org

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Event & Fundraiser Volunteers:

Contact: Benton Lefton, Volunteers Manager at 253-502-4609 or leftonb@bgcsps.org

Corporate Volunteers:

Are you and your co-workers looking to volunteer with an organization in your community? Does your organization do volunteer hour matching? Is your team in the spirit to give back at a fun holiday event or during summer camp festivities? We have many great events and activities to accommodate one-time and corporate opportunities! To get started, please contact Emily Nakada-Alm. 

Volunteer Application Process

For those 19 years and older

If you are interested in volunteering follow the links below to complete the application.

1.  Fill out either our General Volunteer Application Form or our Athletics Volunteer Application Form.

2.  Within two business days, our volunteer manager will call you and ask a few questions about your interests, skills and availability. She will also conduct a one-time trial visit to the Club of your choice so you can see what volunteering looks like first hand.

3. Fill out the disclosure forms for us to run two background checks;

4. Watch an interactive video about keeping Club kids safe (Takes 30 minutes)

5. We will send you two final agreement forms to sign and return to us.

6. Attend the next Volunteer Orientation / Information Session:

Following these steps, you will have a chance to tour the Club of your interest, turn in your signed forms, and set up a day to start having a BLAST as a Boys & Girls Club Volunteer!

Contact Us 

For more information on volunteer opportunities or to get started, please contact:

Benton Lefton
Volunteer Manager
Phone: 253-502-4609
Email: leftonb@bgcsps.org