Partner Highlight

Tacoma Public Utilities

Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) and Boys & Girls Clubs have been long time partners in the community, with the annual TPU Bowl a Thon to benefit the Clubs and multiple STEM sponsorships in recent years by TPU, which has led to the recent development of the TPU STEM Academy. TPU Academy helps connect Boys & Girls Clubs members to real world applications of STEM. It is a 6 session program with engagement by representatives from each division at Tacoma Public Utilities - Power, Water, Cyber and Rail - providing hands on experience with the STEM-related work. Some of the goals of the program are to provide STEM learning opportunities tailored to TPU careers, provide a pathway for future employment opportunities in the community, and help Club members better understand the use of power and water resources, along with railroad safety. The 2019 TPU Academy is being held at 3 of our Tacoma Clubs for 6 weeks during the summer - targeting a cohort of 15-20 4th/5th graders at each location. The capstone field trip will be to Cowlitz and include a graduation at Tacoma Public Utilities.